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This class is our mainstay and has evolved since Above the Barre X closed in 2020. It’s Christy’s take on classic barre taking from her pilates and dance background. It is form-based and music-driven designed to lift your energy and connect your mind and body. You will leave immediately toned, taller and stronger; ready to take on your day with better endurance and posture.


This deeply stretchy and restorative class is offered on a mid-week evening for a reason. Typically, in this session we soothe the same muscles we challenged all week. This will serve as your anecdote to the challenging barre class. 


This class is more cardio than barre and meant to really pop your muscles with heavier weights. The kettlebell is used throughout to spike the heart rate and to work on form of common weightlifting moves such as the deadlift. These are spliced with body-weight and band-resistance moves to keep our bodies guessing. You will leave sweaty with super high energy. 


Christy has been in the fitness biz for over 20 years and this is her third studio. She is truly passionate about the experience she serves her clients in each and every class she teaches. Her background is in dance, yoga, pilates and barre. Her purpose is to deliver the experience of a private training session within the more dynamic and fun environment of the group class. Her passion is in starting businesses, designing spaces and curating experiences. Outside of the studio she loves her dog, anything outside / on the water, music &  movement. 

Christy Wood owner of abx redux
Christy Wood owner of abx redux
Christy Wood owner of abx redux
Meet Christy

I am excited to announce that I am now a Sakara ambassador. Use the code: CHRISTYSAKARA for 20% off at checkout for your first month of your meal program or functional wellness products*. 

People often ask me what I "do" and I do barre and the rest is clean eating. I use the Sakara 5-day meal subscription as a treat or a kickstart to getting back on track with my regular diet. Over the last few years I have developed food intoIerances that I manage solely through my diet. Sakara provides a time-saving by (procurring quality and hard to get ingredients for you) and elevated solution to how I normally eat. I live by their "eat your water" philosophy. Eat 6 cups of greens daily, it will change your life. 

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